The Director

Jordi Gordon

Jordi GordonJournalist and graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. In his work as a documentary filmmaker he has devoted special attention to memory and footprint left by the terrible tragedy that resulted in the Spanish society Franco’s military coup and dictatorship that lasted for 40 years.

In 2008 he directed a documentary BREAKING THE SILENCE walking geography of Franco’s repression in Leon and his province with victims, historians and writers Antonio Gamoneda and Julio Llamazares. Leon was won by the rebels in the early days that triggered a brutal repression. Thousands of people were killed or imprisoned in concentration camps. Only some guerrillas resisted in the mountains of Bierzo to the beginning of the fifties.
THE CONTROLLED CULTURE addresses the persecution of the intellectuals and artists who were considered disaffected or opposition by the Franco dictatorship. The political police (the Political-Social Brigade) Spied and repressed intellectuals during the 40 years of dictatorship systematically. So reveal documents and police records that have remained hidden until today.
FILES AND MEMORY is a short documentary that denounces the difficulties that still have researchers and historians, as well as the victims of Francoism to access the files of the dictatorship.
FORGOTTEN DOBLEMENTE contains the testimony of the last general secretary of the POUM and tells the repression suffered militant Marxist party founded by Andreu Nin during the war, on the Republican side. Nin and many of his companions were killed or imprisoned by Stalin’s secret services in Spain.
The second part of the documentary, DOBLEMENTE FORGOTTEN is a tribute to the women of the POUM, pioneers in the fight for women’s rights in the Second Republic.
What were you doing the day he died FRANCO, 23F CHRONICLE OF A BLOW AND FRANCO, CHRONICLE OF A DYNASTY uncrowned there are three TV documentaries dealing with different perspectives that drama unresolved that are still conditioned the life of Spanish society.

Besides his activity as a journalist, corporate communication expert and political analyst on TV, he has written, directed or produced numerous documentaries in recent years as a founding partner of the producer Algarabía Produce. Titles include social issues like crazy by drugs, Sentinels of the flu. The tenant dangerous, secret sex, violence Fugitive, The footprint of cocaine, Lives on a carpet, the dream and the Spanish Paralympics and books.


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