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“Let Me Cry – The Forgotten Genocide”  gives a voice to the children of those disappeared, persecuted and murdered during the Franquist dictatorship in Spain.  Those children, today our elderly, were forced to live in terror and grow up in fear, without rights.  They were
constantly pinpointed out and marginated, stripped of everything, including the right to be able to show their pain and suffering.
This documentary relates the cruel emotional repression that the children of the “reds” suffered for over forty years, thanks to a regime that wanted to erase the prints of their crimes and the very memory of their victims.
These are the other victims of the Franquist genocide who eighty years after the coup and forty years after democracy was instated, still have not recovered their rights.  Not only have they not been recognised as victims by any of the State Institutions but neither have they enjoyed the right to mourn their murdered families or give a dignified burial to those bodies that lie in ditches and common graves.
In Spain, there are still 2,382 common graves with dozens of thousands of murdered people whose bodies have not been exhumed and 150,000 disappeared.


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