A Norwegian union finances exhumations historical memory in Spain

The victims are not victims of the Franco regime, it is the message conveyed by the institutions. The other doors closed, the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) chooses to subsidies for associations of victims of terrorism and the administration replies that “do not represent any victim of terrorism.” undertakers put the pan in the excavations in municipal cemeteries and send bills to the families of killed. Exhumations municipalities interpret as “archaeological work” and ask thousands of euros to descendants. The State or is, or is expected in the recovery of victims of the Civil War and Franco’s repression.

Summer is high season for finding grandparents, uncles or grandparents disappeared for 70 years due to the voluntary nature of this work, where coroners, archaeologists or activists bring their work during the holidays. Everything else -excavadoras, gasoline, identification- tests is paid with small contributions from partners or via crowdfunding, as that will take place on July 21 at Mount Estépar (Burgos).

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