Begins the exhumation of the remains of the Valleja de los Muertos

The Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) began yesterday the exhumation of the first mass grave of victims of the dictatorship in Casasola de Rueda. During the work a new pit from which bones of a leg and hand were removed when the bulldozer was a new movement of land next to the first pit he was found. The work is led by archaeologist Rene Pacheco, historian Alex Rodriguez and Vice President of ARMH, Marco Gonzalez.

The first grave was located on 2 July, after several days of work by volunteers of the ARMH and thanks to the testimonies of the people of the neighboring towns, which conclude that there are several points burial where expects to locate the remains of at least one group of more than 25 people from the mining of Sabero, which were transferred in November 1937 from the prison of Cistierna.

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