They are looking at Castroncelos the remains of two brothers victims of the Falange

The Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory of Ponferrada moved to the cemetery Castroncelos in A Pobra do Brollon, to find the remains of the brothers Jose Maria and Ricardo Garcia Moral, two neighbors of Montefurado farmers who, according to data provided by the collective, were arrested by a group of Falangists in September 1936 and murdered.

To reconstruct the case, the association is upheld in the data of an investigation that began Monforte court in those years, after the father of two young officially denounce the case, which is unusual at the time.

That investigation concluded that the two brothers might be buried four meters from the wall of the church Castroncelos, outside the cemetery and the association began tracking that point, but failed to locate the remains.

Since the group explained that in the 60s the old temple was demolished and built one in the same area but with other measures and other guidance. Probably, and in the absence of further work to confirm this term, the bodies of the two brothers could have been under the new temple. Now, the group and their descendants seek documentation and plans of the old temple to be more specific burial area.

José María and Ricardo Garcia were two farmers who were part of the union UGT and one of them did work for Renfe. After being arrested by the Phalangists and stuck in a train to Monforte de Lemos, the convoy did not reach the city of Cabe and stood in A Pobra station. In that area they would have been forced to get off the train and killed. In addition, a neighbor had to move the bodies in a carriage to the chapel Castroncelos.

The information contained in the court explained that were autopsied and who were buried near the temple of Castroncelos. The association completed the investigation and was the family that requested the search for the remains of the two brothers.

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