Begins the exhumation of the bodies of Macías brothers

The Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) today began the exhumation of the bodies of Claudio and Arsenio Macías Fernández brothers, 31 and 16 years, respectively, victims of Franco’s repression and whose remains are in Villalibre of Jurisdiction (León). Specifically, the work began on the recovery of the remains of the oldest of the brothers, who are in a wooden urn in which he asked to be buried at his death, situated in the cellar of their home in this berciana town.

The director of the excavation works Rene Pacheco, he explained that the work of the association in the first moments has been to expose the body to know its exact location, and clarified that it was the own Claudio Macías who escavó in the hole get inside. “Even the walls are in peak marks used for this, which is located about 80 feet deep, and the body is looking up,” he said.

After knowing the history and the will of the family to recover the body, the members of the association attended the house in which even some relatives were unaware of the whereabouts of Claudio Macias. “In this area they said they did not set foot because they could fall and ended up covering,” said Pacheco, who recounted how a wooden covered the area where, once removed, leaving a glimpse of a “wobbly” ground under which the pit was.

From now on we will have to do a job “very slow” in which part of the wall to display “a kind of bath in which is the body” will be removed, then we will proceed to do a job “of brushes and spatulas wood to leave the body exposed. ” Finally it will be time to document and draw to start the extraction of the remains. Similarly, the association has a laboratory in Ponferrada, where the remains where, next November, a coroner arrived from Portugal examine the remains to determine what this time is already known will move: this is the remains of Claudio Macias, who will be transferred to Columbrianos with the rest of the family.

One of the nieces, Marisele Fernández Macías, related how his uncle “nailed a dagger in each shoulder in life, he undid life with a machete and then shot, that was when my grandmother realized that he had killed, “he said. The memory generates a feeling of “not live” and causes sleepless nights “thinking how badly spent my grandmother, my mother and my aunt.”

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